Why choose kiwEV

kiwEV, as one of the most established sustainable charging stations today, will lead New Zealand's electric car revolution. We will provide comprehensive, powerful and reliable EV charging stations for both personal and commercial vehicles throughout the country.


We are responsible for providing thousands of EV chargers across New Zealand at hotels, restaurants, parks, businesses, and more.



At kiwEV, we provide 24/7 consultation and advice to benefit customers and vender partners


The stations are constantly monitored by our 24/7 software that will update us on any hardware or software problems that could possibly affect the performance of these charging stations.



We provide our customers and vendors with a wide range of safe and reliable products to meet all of your charging needs; whether you are in the cirt, in need of charging high-powered electric vehicles, or in rural areas, powering farming equipment.


At kiwEV, we are exceptionally experienced in the eco-friendly friendly field, in large-scale sustainable energy services. We have worked with many commercial and personal sales and can help widen opportunities for your business or home.


Why partnering with kiwEV makes sense for public and business use

We get it, there are lots of chargers to choose from and deciding which one is right for your business can be confusing. Here's why we feel an investment in a kiwEV charger not only future proof's your business but provide a potential source of additional income. Attracting clients to your charging facilities. Learn more

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